Student activities Years 7 - 8

Maths and God Power Point 
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Mathematical Mysteries - Power Point 

Introduction to the world of mathematics - Power Point

Albrecht Durer's magic square - Power Point

Maths Mission

Extraordinary multiplication

Shapes in worship

Big sticks from Tasmania

Lego probablilities

Mathematics in the Bible - Word Find

Absolutely amazing!

Student assignments Years 9 - 12


Statistics solutions

This was used for a year 10 advanced maths class and the topic was statistics, it covers mean, median, mode standard deviation, parallel box plots and column graphs. Solutions are also attached.

The assignment shows how certain DNA indicates that humans and other animals have been around for thousands of years not millions.

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark solutions

This assignment shows that the evidence for Noah’s ark is quite feasible and how Noah could have fitted all the required animals on the ark. It covers measurement (length/area/volume).

Percentage analysis task

This is a Year 9 percentages task. This task is meant to show that the Bible we have today is virtually the same as what they had back in the first 2 centuries.

Linear graphs and indices analysis tasks

Linear graphs and indices analysis solutions

This is in two parts, and the task was given to my year 10 advanced maths group. It comes in 2 parts (and can be split up into 2 separate tasks if desired). Part 1 is pages 1-5 and looks at straight line graphs and how we can use coral reefs with straight line graphs to show that the great barrier reef is thousands of years old and not millions of years old.

Part 2 is on geometric growth that shows that human population growth has man being around for thousands of years not hundreds of thousands of years.

Teacher's resources

Teaching mathematics Christianly

Pascal invented the first computer and is author of the famous wager that argues for belief in God. Mathematics and science owe so much to their Christian pioneers and today professionals of faith continue to contribute. This site has lots more to offer in the way of biographies of mathematicians.

Article: Where mathematics fits in God's world by James Nickel


Mathematics vocabulary

Mathematics vocabulary 2

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